Hi, I'm Martin Ivan Mondaca

Full-Stack Web Developer
Front-End Developer
QA Engineer

Hello, I'm Martin

Full-Stack Web Developer from Phoenix, Arizona

I'm a recent graduate from the Full-Stack Web Development Boot Camp at the University of Arizona. I obtained my certificate in May of 2021.

I'm a detail-oriented, tenacious, and analytical developer. I have a background in customer service and IT, and I'm excited to use that knowledge in a team that is dedicated to creating amazing experiences on the web for all users.

When I'm not coding, I like to spend my time playing video games, going to the movies, and spending time with my friends and pets.

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GitHub Repository

A golf score tracking application bootstrapped using MySQL, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. User can easily track their scores and also compare them to other users.

Collect 'Em All

GitHub Repository

An application used to track physical card collections digitally, and is designed to be a digital DNA of a users physical card collections. Created using MySQL, Express.js, and Node.js.

Date Night

GitHub Repository

An application designed to help individuals plan the perfect dinner and a movie date. Created using TMDB API, Yelp API, and W3.CSS.

Weather Dashboard

GitHub Repository

An application that uses the OpenWeather API to allow users to see the current weather and a 5-day forecast for a specified city.

Note Taker

GitHub Repository

This application is designed for writing, saving, and editing personal notes. This app uses Node.js, Express.js, and saves and retrieves information from a JSON file.

Employee Directory

GitHub Repository

This is a single-page application that is built using React.js. It generates a random directory of 50 employees that the user can sort by clicking on a specific column. The employees can also be filtered by first name.

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I'm currently in the market for a job in web development; more specifically work that involves front-end web development, quality assurance, or SEO optimization. I'm also open to relocating!

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Phoenix, AZ 85037
United States

+1 (602)573-1484